Introducing Be The Change Media

For the few people who follow this blog you will know that I have put this website on the back burner. I think the vision for this website was shallow, and didn’t have enough thought behind it to achieve the success I was looking for. I still really love posting articles online. I love writing and I love talking to people about sustainability. Be The Change Media is a website I hope to someday turn into a legitimate media group that produces content about events, people and organizations who are being the change they wish to see in the world.

I will post my first podcast from the Be The Change podcast on here. It is an interview I did with one of my really good friends Alycia Grace of the blog The website aims to promote positive musicians, innovative artists and sustainable communities within the counterculture of the festival scene.

I will also be posting an article about the organization I’m helping out with- Mighty Earth Des Moines. Mighty Earth is a nonprofit grassroots organization working to protect our environment. This particular campaign asks Tyson Foods to eliminate water pollution in their supply chain. Tyson, being one of the biggest meat producers in the country contributes a lot of pollution to the state of Iowa, in particular the drinking water. Their facebook page says, “This spring in Des Moines, the campaign now moves to approach the grocer Whole Foods and local chefs, asking them to support farmers and companies who participate in ethical practices.”

I will be covering their event on March 22nd in downtown Des Moines for World Water Day where there will be speakers as well as Iowa Environmental Lobby Day happening right down the street.

In addition, I hope to get Mighty Earth Des Moines coordinator on the podcast.

Please bare with my websites reconstruction and stay tuned for new and exciting content this summer. I promise I’m going to stick with it!

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