This is going to be a very honest, stream of my thoughts post. Since this website first went live a little bit over two months ago I’ve finally had something solid to share with the world that expressed my genuine interests and thoughts. It’s been scary to put myself out on the internet but definitely shown me that there’s nothing embarrassing about trying to build a following of like minded individuals to share your life with, and to try to teach them the stuff you can.

The original vision for this website was fact based articles about topics within sustainability and I realize in that department I have been lacking quite a bit. My website has turned into more of a travel and lifestyle website, a large part of the reason being that most of this past month has been constantly moving from place to place. There wasn’t a single day this month that I wasn’t living out of a small bag of things. I can’t feel bad about putting my website on the back burner because I sincerely had the best weekend of my life at Electric Forest, a great month, and got two really great videos in the process. I want to make whatever content I feel inspired to make in the moment and it will always make stuff I genuinely think I would be interested to see or hear about if I was a follower of a blog.

I’ve realized through creating content that I am not very good at informational reporting, I still want all of the content and advice I put out there to be rooted in factual evidence, but I just am not a strong cut and dry facts statistics and numbers content creator. I  posted one of my videos on reddit and someone replied making fun of my website for not having enough facts. I love creating videos and writing articles about the things I have learned on my journey trying to lead a life with as little of an impact on the planet, myself, and animals and I want to educate people where I can and be as politically correct as possible. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m excited to finally be writing to you from a room I can call my own in Hilo, Hawaii. I’ve moved into a house with 6 other room mates that is located a 15 minute bike ride from downtown Hilo and 2 minutes to my future college. On top of all that there is food forest in my backyard that I will definitely be showing you guys. I was thinking instead of a boring old room tour I could do a backyard food forest tour, MTV style. In addition I’ve been really itching to make another everything you should know video about moving to Hawaii and about taking gap years, because I genuinely have a lot of insight and advice on both.  I also plan on creating a vegan cooking series where I show really cheap delicious and easy vegan recipes that any college kid can afford and make.

Definitely give me a follow if any of that sounds interesting because I will be pumping out as much quality content as I can these next 4 months. I really appreciate the growth that my blog has made in 2 months, even though it doesn’t seem like much now, I had to start somewhere and I’m really happy with the feedback I’ve got from people. Thank you for reading and supporting it means a lot.




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