On my way back to Hawai’i island I stopped for a couple days in LA to see one of my best friends from home, Kaylee.  While I was there we hiked from Griffith observatory up to the Hollywood sign and then hiked all the way to veggie grill… twice. If you are a vegan or vegetarian that doesn’t usually live next to vegan options it’s so exciting to see a successful chain restaurant where you can order anything from the menu and it’s cruelty free! I highly recommend the buffalo bomber chicken sandwich.

My friend Trenton also threw a little shin-dig at his apartment rooftop in downtown LA. I met a lot of rappers who apparently were super big in China and someone ate a burrito bowl I left on a table that I was saving for later. 😦 Check out the video and if you like it please subscribe to my youtube channel I will be putting out a lot more fun adventure videos and sustainable living content now that I am back in Hawai’i settled at my new  place. It’s good to be back!

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